• Q. Why should I choose GM ASEP over other training programs?

    A. GM ASEP colleges and universities offer you something you can't get from general training programs – experience in a GM dealership or ACDelco Professional Service Centers. You can't learn the tricks of the trade from only a textbook, a classroom or even a school shop. The real world experience you'll receive from your internships will put you far ahead of others with only classroom training.

  • Q. What is the job outlook for automotive technicians?

    A. The job prospect for automotive technicians is expected to be very good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the field is expected to grow "faster than average." "Opportunities should be very good for those who complete post-secondary education." Projections show that there will be over 35,000 new jobs by the year 2018!

  • Q. How much will I earn?

    A. Technician wages have a wide range across the country. Many are paid on a flat rate system, meaning the faster you work the more you earn. In some areas top technicians can earn six figure salaries. For more specific salary information contact a GM ASEP college near you.

  • Q. Do I get paid for the work I do while on internship?

    A. Yes! The wages that you earn will cover most of the costs associated with your education.

  • Q. How much does the GM ASEP program cost?

    A. Since most GM ASEP programs are located at public colleges and universities, you know you are getting a good value. However, the GM ASEP program with more than 50 colleges and universities, quoting a single price is impossible. For specific program costs contact a GM ASEP college near you.

  • Q. How do I find a sponsor?

    A. Contact a representative from your local GM ASEP college. They have the contacts to help you find a sponsor in your area.

  • Q. What type of degree do I receive when I graduate?

    A. You will receive an Associates in Applied Science Degree (or similar).

  • Q. How do I sign up?

    A. Find a college and contact a school near you.