Prospective Sponsors


Recruiting qualified technicians can be a challenge. Participation in GM ASEP allows GM Dealers or ACDelco Professional Service Centers to train students in their service department processes. GM ASEP students alternate between work and school on an 8-12 week rotation schedule.

Save Money

Each GM ASEP graduate will earn several hundred hours of Service Technical College (STC) or ACDelco training. This saves your service department tens of thousands of dollars in training costs. Why pay for someone else's training when your GM ASEP graduate will receive those already?

Custom Trained Technicians

GM ASEP students are eager to learn. When you match them with your best technicians, you help  de velop your own team of technicians possessing awesome capabilities.

Low Cost Recruitment

Contact a GM ASEP college near you; they can help you locate bright new talent.

Train From Within

You probably already employ undeveloped talent. Your lube tech, car runner or detailer could become your next technician. If you employ someone that shows promise, connect them with your local GM ASEP College and develop their potential.

Higher Productivity

Many GM ASEP graduates – with their high level of training and extensive internship experience –  will outperform other entry level technicians.

Get Involved

How do you get involved? Find a college and contact one near you.